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....and i still have those feelings that make me cry....and i still feel so alone...and i still feel the emptiness...i see my self so broken down, so helpless....
and i hear my heart screaming your sweet name...and i see your fingerprints all over my skin, i feel your smell everywhere....
and i hope...yes i hope that maybe someday you will tell me what i need so desperatly to hear...
i hope but yet i Know that day will never come...
my love for you seems endless...i'm thinking of you, but it's time to face the truth i will never be with you!...
you are so cruel, you never gave me a reason, an explanation why we can not be together...how could you let your eyes tell me that you care?...because that's what you did everytime you looked into my eyes, you told me you loved me...now i might as well belive that you lied, but eyes don't lie...i love you, i hope you know how much i love you!...

...still looking for the end of this unfair love,
The one who loved you more than life....and still does!

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Love, romance and relationship quotes for your soul

  • 'I have been astonished that men could die martyrs for their religion - I have shudder'd at it. I shudder no more.
    I could be martyr'd for my religion. Love is my religion.
    And I could die for that. I could die for you.'
    ~ John Keats
  • 'When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out.'
    ~ Elizabeth Bowen
  • 'Love can be understood only from the inside, as a language can be understood only someone who speaks it, as a world can be understood only someone who lives in it.'
    ~ Robert C Solomon

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