Love poems

Sir John Harrington

Dear, I to thee this diamond commend

Dear, I to thee this diamond commend,
In which a model of thyself I send.
How just unto thy joints this circlet sitteth,
So just thy face and shape my fancy fitteth.
The touch will try this ring of purest gold,
My touch tries thee, as pure though softer mold.
That metal precious is, the stone is true,
As true, and then how much more precious you.
The gem is clear, and hath nor needs no foil,
Thy face, nay more, thy fame is free from soil.
You'll deem this dear, because from me you have it,
I deem your faith more dear, because you gave it.
This pointed diamond cuts glass and steel,
Your love's like force in my firm heart I feel.
     But this, as all things else, time wastes with wearing,
     Where you my jewels multiply with bearing.

Love, romance and relationship quotes for your soul

  • 'This is one of the miracles of love: It gives a power of seeing through its own enchantments and yet not being disenchanted.'
    ~ C S Lewis
  • 'Work and lovethese are the basics. Without them there is neurosis.'
    ~ Theodor Reik
  • 'To keep your marriage brimming,
    With love in the loving cup,
    Whenever youre wrong, admit it;
    Whenever youre right, shut up.'
    ~ Ogden Nash

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